Replacing my Series 6 Titanium Watch with What’s in this Box ???

Over the weekend I made a decision to change out my Series 6 Titanium Apple Watch with something else something not actually newer, but older.

Why you ask? Because switching it out for this other device was something I had hoped to get this year, but sadly Apple didn’t deliver, so I kept searching and found exactly what I wanted.

Ok enough to with the round about talk. I am replacing my Series 6 Titanium Apple Watch with a Series.5 Ceramic Apple Watch.

Why do that? Let me honest the Series 6 wasn’t a major leap from the Series 5 it adding Blood Oxygen tracking and a speed increase, but honestly that increase isn’t something I’ve noticed too much. And I got an amazing deal or should I say steal on this watch. I had been searching eBay since because ther Series 6 was announced and after their was no mention of a Ceramic model the prices on them jump about $200 USDs. No way was I about to spend $1000+ on a year old watch so I kept waiting and watching an this watch popped up with a black mark on it. The pictures showed the box, so I looked and it did have AppleCare+ so I got in my last minute winning bid and jumped for joy.

Now you get to watch as I go to crazy measures to try and remove the mark and not damage the watch.


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