The Amazon Halo – Early Access Review

So I was lucky or should I say unfortunate enough to get early access to the Amazon Halo Band. I was honestly excited about the Amazon Halo Band in the beginning I had tried many other fitness bands in the past pre-Apple Watch. And honestly was curious about the smaller form factor of the Amazon Halo Band. The thing that stood out on this one was the tracking of the users tone of voice and how you talk to people, although super creepy it sparked my interest and I just had to give it a shot.

Sadly I was not impressed with the Amazon Halo Band, the tone tracking made me out to be a pretty mean and hateful person (which I am not) and wearing the device physically hurt me (my wrist is bruised). So I give this device a hard pass if you are interested in it. Maybe the version 2 if we ever see one. I expect this will end up in the Amazon graveyard in the near future.

If all of this doesn’t convince you and you still want to try it out for yourself the link to purchase it is below.

But I recommend just saving up some extra cash and getting yourself and Apple Watch SE:


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