Using Apple Shortcuts App with The Apple Watch to Help with Your Fitness Motivation

This week for Fitness Tech Friday we are looking at how Shortcuts can now be used with the Apple Watch in a unique way to help motivate you to stay more active and get more sleep at night.

If you didn’t know Shortcuts can now be used to automatically change your watch face. Yep you heard me right. You can set it based on a certain location or a certain time of day.

I am using this new found feature to set my watch face at certain times a day to help motivate myself to workout in the mornings before work, wether it be spending some time on the treadmill or the bike or even taking the dog out for a walk.

I also use it to set a face each night to remind me that I should be asleep rather then doing whatever else I am doing at the moment.

I hope this video helps you do the same.

I also went through my progress since last week. I am down 4.3lbs and doing great with eating and getting more sleep at night. I’ve been intermittent fasting 16-18 hours each day and feeling great.

Can’t wait till next Friday so i can share more.

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