This weeks top Apple News. iPhone 13 Leaks, MageSafe Battery, Apple’s March Event & More

Starting this week out we’ve seen reports of Apple rejecting apps for charging to much. This is in response of all the scam app out there tricking user with their high weekly subscriptions. It has effected some legitimate ones as well but so far it appeals if you have a legitimate reason you should be able to get through the approval process.

Sources: Twitter & 9To5Mac

Everything Apple Pro iPhone 13 ( iPhone 12s ) leak

Just after posting my video last week I saw EAPs massive leak video. So much info was possibly revealed at what we can expect from the next iPhone. I personally can’t wait to see the Titanium iPhone 13. Also the Portrait video sounds amazing.

Source: YouTube

MagSafe Battery

It appears to be true. Personally O was hoping we would have seen this, by now, but I will take it whenever I can get it this will be the perfect companion to the iPhone 12 mini.

Source: 9To5Mac

Apple’ s 2021 March Event

It won’t be long now until we have another Apple event that should include some new iPad Pros and hopefully and Full screen iPad Mini/

Source: YouTube (PocketNow)

Go Mac

Had to end this week on a fun note. Found these on twitter and just had to share them

Source: Twitter

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